ACCESSORIES for Banners & Portable Marquees


A: Grass / Soft Ground Stake
Incorporates sealed bearing cover preventing water ingress.
The stake is suitable for all banners that are going to be used on grass, sand or any other soft surfaces.

B: Heavy Metal Base Plate
5Kg & 10kg with Rotating Horizontal Spindle.
For use with small, medium and large flying banners,
both indoors and outdoors.
5kg plate measures approx. 400mm x 400mm
and 10kg plate measures500mm x 500mm

C: Folding Cross Base stand with rotating spindle.
For use indoors or outdoors using water bags to weigh down where required.

D: Water Bag
For use with folding Cross Base stand. Holds up to 15L
of water for extra weight

E: Car Mount with rotating spindle
For use under a car wheel, for all size flying banners.

F: Angle Wall Mount with rotating spindle
For all banners that need to be wall mounted on a 25 degree angle away from the wall.

G: Upright / Vertical Wall Mount with rotating spindle
For all banners that need to be face wall mounted vertically.

H: Horizontal plate with rotating spindle
For use with heavy metal base plates or to mount onto own hardware. Plate measures 100mm square and spindle height is 150mm.
Flying Banner Rods   FLYING BANNER RODS
All our Flying Banner Rods are made from high quality fibreglass. They are designed to be highly flexiable and built to last. Our Flying Banner Rods also have a memory, so when they bend they come back to the original position again, whereas Aluminium poles when bent - stay bent. The Tip Rod has a protective moulded cone on its tip to prevent wear on the Flying Banner sleeve.

We guarantee our Tip Rods for life.
Cary Bags   CARRY BAGS
A: Sturdy canvas carry bag with zip & handles. Suitable for all flying banners and rod sets. Bag is approx. 1.5m long.

B: Round Pop-Up carry bag with zip, carry handle and front pocket for pegs etc. Each size Pop Up banner has a carry bag to suit.
portable shade marquee accessories   PORTABLE MARQUEE ACCESSORIES:

A: Sand Leg Wrap
For use with our Portable Marquees only.
Can hold up to 10 kg of sand.

B: Hard Shell Split Carry Case with wheels
Available in a variety of sizes to fit the Portable Marquee - a MUST for Marquees that are regularly shipped within states or interstate.

C: 23Kg heavy rubber leg weights. Easily secure your marquee to the ground, whether it be grass, concrete or sand. Using the convenient rope handle, simply slide the weight around the marquee leg and that's it! A weight on each leg will sufficiently anchor your marquee.

Types of Banners  

How to choose The Most Effective Portable Signage for your next event

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