Huge Branding area for MAXIMUM exposure

The Sail Banner captures the look of a yacht's sail and due to this unique design provides you with a very large print area, which is ideal for those that want maximum branding area complimented by a funky design.

This style of flying banner incorporates a solid rod in the bottom horizontal section of the fabric, thereby ensuring the banner always remains open and visible. The rod also prevents the banner from 'whipping', thereby extending the life of the Sail banner.

Truly lightweight, portable & simple to erect and store, the Sail banner is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This flying banner is produced in both single sided and double sided versions and replacement fabric skins are readily available.

The Sail banner comes complete with fibreglass rod set, carry bag and soft ground stake as standard inclusions. Alternative bases are available upon request.



• Available in Small, Medium & Large

• Does not whip in the wind

• Your printing and brand can always be seen

• Maximum Branding area

• Unique design for maximum Visibility and Durability

• Quick & Easy to set up & store

• Single & Double sided with Fibreglass Rods

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medium Sail Banner sporting flag medium sail banner retail flag retail sail banner retail flag small sized Sail flying banner flag

Expandasign utilises the latest printing technology, and the highest quality inks. Sail Banners are available printed single sided as well as true double sided.  When printing single sided banners there is a bleed through of the print so your message is visible on the reverse side in mirror image, whereas double sided printing at Expandasign means printing on two pieces of fabric and not just a mirror image on the reverse. True double sided printing also gives you the option of using different images. Replacement fabric banners material is readily available allowing you the flexibility to easily change your advertising message whenever you need.

Types of Banners  

How to choose The Most Effective Portable Signage for your next event

Expanda Sign has worked with many well known national and international brands across a wide range of industries, all with different branding requirements.

In this guide, we’ll explore six common functions of our products to help you make the right choice for your own signage requirements.

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