The Teardrop Banner was the first flying banner of its kind, launched by EXPANDASIGN
in Australia in 1999, to really offer portability and ease of use compared to more traditional
flags & banners. The shape is eye catching.

Original Teardrop


ECO  Teardrop

The original Teardrop flying bannerTip rod life time warranty   ECO economy Teardrop flying banner

The Teardrop Banner is outstanding in windy conditions, however the Teardrop Banner looks equally impressive indoors. This flying banner is incredibly light, weighing under 2kg, and comes alive by rotating in the wind. The Teardrop Banner clearly displays your company's message 100% of the time.

This style of flying banner is produced in both single sided and double sided versions and replacement fabric skins give you the flexibility to change your image/message with ease.

The Teardrop banner comes complete with fibreglass rod set, carry bag and soft ground stake as standard inclusions. Alternative bases are available upon request.

• Available in small, medium & large sizes
• Fibreglass rods
• Held under tension
• Does not whip in the wind
• Equally impressive indoors and outdoors
• Single or Double sided print

The Eco Teardrop Banner was developed around the most sought after banner and size - the medium Teardrop Banner. However, the Eco version is slightly shorter at 2.9m high, available in one size only and is printed single or double sided.

Each of these small changes combined represent significant savings over the cost of the standard medium Teardrop Banner.

As with all our Single sided banners, the print does bleed through onto the reverse side, in mirror image. 

• Available in one size only
• Fibreglass rods
• Held under tension
• Does not whip in the wind
• Equally impressive indoors and outdoors
• Single or Double sided print

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 sizes available for Teardrop Flying banners

Large Teardrop banner Medium Teardrop flying banner small wall mounted Teardrop Flag banner ECO economy Teardrop flag banner

Expandasign utilises the latest printing technology, and the highest quality inks. Teardrop Banners are available printed single sided as well as true double sided (Eco Teardrop is only Single sided). When printing single sided banners there is a bleed through of the print so your message is visible on the reverse side in mirror image, whereas double sided printing at Expandasign means printing on two pieces of fabric and not just a mirror image on the reverse. True double sided printing also gives you the option of using different images. Replacement fabric banners material is readily available allowing you the flexibility to easily change your advertising message whenever you need.

Types of Banners  

How to choose The Most Effective Portable Signage for your next event

Expanda Sign has worked with many well known national and international brands across a wide range of industries, all with different branding requirements.

In this guide, we’ll explore six common functions of our products to help you make the right choice for your own signage requirements.

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