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Introducing our Easy Weight System – the essential solution for securing marquees and portable signage with ease. This innovative 15kg weight, designed with a convenient cutout for poles, ensures stability and safety in any environment.


Sturdy Weight for Enhanced Stability: Crafted from durable materials, the Easy Weight System is built to provide unparalleled stability. Invest in this weight system to secure your marquees and banners, offering a robust solution that stands up to the rigors of outdoor events.

Compliance with Safety Standards: For event vendors operating under strict safety regulations, the Easy Weight System is a game-changer. Designed to meet safety standards, it provides peace of mind by preventing potential accidents or toppling, ensuring a secure setup for your outdoor displays.

Portable and User-Friendly: Take control of your signage setup with the Easy Weight System’s user-friendly design. Similar to a dumbbell, it features a cutout specifically designed for marquee poles, making installation a breeze. Its manageable 15kg weight and built-in handle ensure easy transport, making it ideal for event vendors on the move.

Protects Against Dirt and Unwanted Movement: The Easy Weight System not only provides stability but also safeguards your investment from dirt and unwanted movement. Keep your marquees and signage clean and secure, even in high-traffic areas, ensuring a professional and polished appearance.

Cost-Effective Security Solution: Maximize the longevity of your outdoor displays with the Easy Weight System. This cost-effective solution prevents the risk of your marquee or banner falling over, reducing potential damage and replacement costs.

Weather-Resistant and Durable: Engineered to withstand the elements, the Easy Weight System is weatherproof and built to last. Rain or shine, your signage remains upright and visible, maintaining the integrity of your brand message.

Effortless Setup and Storage: Setting up your marquee or signage has never been easier. The Easy Weight System’s design allows for hassle-free installation, and when not in use, it conveniently stacks and stores compactly, minimizing storage space requirements.

Customizable to Your Brand: Ensure your brand stands out with the Easy Weight System’s sleek and customizable design. From logo placement to vibrant colors, personalize the weight system to complement your overall branding strategy.

Versatile Solution for Events and Beyond: Whether you’re showcasing products at a trade show, hosting an outdoor event, or simply looking to enhance the stability of your signage, the Easy Weight System is a versatile and indispensable tool for any marketing endeavor. Elevate your brand visibility with confidence and security.


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