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Extremely functional and compact, yet big enough to safely transport your other display items such as media walls.


The Travel Case to Counter Display is compact and extremely functional as your mobile reception podium.

The hard shell Wheeled Carry Case not only becomes part of your promotional display, it is also big enough to safely transport your other display items such as Media Banner Walls to your exhibition.

Simply unpack your Wheeled Carry Case and slide the tubular printed sleeve over the case

Easy to transport and setup, the Counter Display is the perfect branding tool to complete your exhibition display, or for promotions in shopping malls or reception areas.

  • Complete with hard shell Wheeled Carry Case, and printed fabric tubular sleeve
  • Easy to erect, take down, store and transport
  • Full Colour Digital Printing – vibrant colours and detail
  • Replacement printed stretch polyester fabric sleeves available


Size: 70cm x 44cm x 103cm
  • Latest technology full Colour Digital Printing
  • Single sided print
  • Highest quality inks

Fabric Sleeve

  • The stretch polyester fabric graphic sleeve is printed with vibrant colours and detail
  • The printed sleeve slides easily over the Wheeled Trolley Case
  • Replacement printed sleeves available


  • Hardshell wheeled trolley case
  • Quick to set up and take down
  • Perfect for transporting Media Banner Walls and other display items
  • Lightweight, collapsible and easy to transport


The system is extremely simple and quick to install and take down, with no tools required.

  • Once you have unpacked the Hardshell wheeled trolley case, stand the Case upright 
  • Slide the stretch tubular fabric graphic sleeve over the Trolley Case and adjust so that it fits neatly
  • This completes the assembly of the display ready to showcase your message. 

We recommend that you fold up the fabric printed sleeve when packing away. Correct folding will minimise creasing of the fabric.


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