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These wearable banners Available in three flying banner shapes, are sure to get the crowd talking at your next event!



These wearable banners are sure to get the crowd talking at your next event! Made from lightweight, yet durable materials, this banner is easy to carry around and will be very long-lasting. The adjustable backpack straps mean that anyone can use it, and it can be personalised to fit the wearer comfortably.

The Backpack Banner gives you the power to advertise whenever you want, wherever you want, and thanks to its lightweight materials, and superior comfort, you’ll forget it’s even there – until you hear your brand being talked about wherever you go of course!

  • Standard Package includes: Printed Banner, Rods, Backpack and Carry Bag
  • Available in three shapes – Teardrop, Rectangular Vertical and Feather Banner
  • Full Colour Digital Printing
  • Single or True Double-Sided Printing
  • Tensioned Banner Fabric to keep banner open and visible at all times
  • Replacement fabric skins are readily available
  • Strong fibreglass rods
  • Carry bag made especially for storing your backpack banner
  • Very easy to transport, assemble, and pack up
  • Displays 100% of your message, 100% of the time


  • Teardrop
  • Vertical
  • Feather


Assembly Instructions

  1. Insert the rounded end of the Tip Rod into the opening of the black sleeve, joining the rods securely, as you feed them into the sleeve.
  2. Ensure that the end of the Tip Rod goes to the very end of the reinforced sleeve. If the Tip Rod is not at the end of the reinforced sleeve this can cause damage to your banner.
  3. Adjust the cord at the bottom of the banner, so that the Tip Rod is held securely then attach the cord to the collar on the bottom pole.
  4. Place the banner onto the base and adjust the banner tension with the cord. Too much tension will cause ripples in the banner.

Assembly Checklist

  • Tip Rod is at very end of the reinforced sleeve end
  • Cord is firm and hooked securely
  • Banner is taut with no ripples
  • Base is secure

General Care Instructions

  • Ensure the banner has enough clearance to avoid rubbing on walls, trees etc. and check to that the banner is clear of electrical wires.
  • When using a ground spike ensure there are no obstacles such as rocks, concrete, pipes etc.
  • Take care and avoid hitting the rotating spindle when driving the spike into the ground.
  • To increase the lifespan of your banner, take it down at night or in winds exceeding 50 km/ph.
  • Cleaning your banner is advised. Rinse the fabric with warm soapy water, followed by clean water and then assemble to dry naturally before packing away.
  • Regularly check your banner for wear and adjust the cord to ensure the banner is taut.
  • The end of the Tip Rod must always be at very end of the reinforced sleeve.
  • If you require a new cord, or any components including rods, bases and reprints, contact your supplier.

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