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All our Flying Banner Rods are made from high quality fibreglass.

They are designed to be highly flexible and built to last.

Base Rod: Connects the Flying Banner to the Banner Base option of your choice

Middle Rod: Joins the Base Rod to the Tip Rod

Tip Rod: Feeds the Rods through the Flying Banner sleeve to the very Tip of the sleeve

  • Life Time Guarantee on Tip Rods
  • High quality Fibreglass Rods with memory to regain their original shape
  • Metal collars to assist in assembly and protect the rods
  • Wider Base Rods to fit a 19.6mm diameter spindle provide more strength in the rod system


Q. Do you guarantee your Tip Rods?

A. Yes, they are guaranteed for life. The Tip Rod is under constant tension and our manufacturing experience provides you with the best solution to give assurance that our tip rod will last. They are tapered which makes it even more highly flexible and durable. They also have a protective moulded cone on its tip to prevent wear on the Flying Banner sleeve.

Q. What type of fibreglass material do you use in your rods?

A. We use very high-quality fibreglass material. In fact, our Fibreglass Rods have a memory – so when they bend they come back to the original position again. You will find many other suppliers use aluminium poles which do not regain their original shape.

Q. How strong is the base rod system?

A. We incorporate a wider Base Rod to fit a 19.6mm diameter spindle which provides more strength in the rod system.

Q. Why do you use metal collars at the pole ends?

A. Metal collars strengthen and protect the fibreglass rods. It prevents splitting and increases longevity of the rods. The collars are also used a guide and make joining the rods together easier.


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