Best Outdoor Ad Designs of 2014

The advancement and move to online in recent years has meant outdoor advertising has had to step up to be noticed. In 2014, some of the biggest companies in the world released some amazing and eye-catching outdoor ads that created conversation and helped lead customers to them. The following are our top picks:

1. Smart Car

The Smart Car is best known for its size and this ad uses just that to promote the vehicle. The ad, placed on the side of an outdoor display, uses the smallest space available on the board, along with a slogan “Siempre hay un hueco,” which translates to “There’s always a space”.

2. IBM

This advertisement made waves on social media, shared by thousands for its innovative and interactive concept. The billboards did more than advertise, they actually helped consumers, made to fit in with the surroundings and create things like chairs, cover from rain or a ramp up stairs. The campaign was known as the “People For Smarter Cities Project”.

3. KitKat

Using the famous KitKat phrase “Have a break, have a KitKat”, this half-finished billboard helps illustrate what the slogan embodies. The ad entices viewers to join the billboard worker to take a break and eat some chocolate.

4. Coca Cola

With the introduction of mini cans of Coke in Germany, came some adorable mini kiosks to sell them. Set in five cities for a limited time, the kiosks had staff to buy goodies from and even a pint-size vending machine to get your coke. The campaign’s tagline was “It’s the little things in life that make us happy”.

5. Google

A firm favourite among advertisers the world over, Google’s mobile app campaign featured a number of ads subtly placed around New York hotspots. The site-specific ads were all about looking at familiar landmarks in a new way and asking questions about them through the app.

Some honourable mentions go to Boost, JRMC Department, McDonalds and Ikea, which you can see in our Great Advertising Design Pinterest Board. For advice or help with your outdoor advertising, talk to the experts at Expandasign today!

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