FREE Wheels with Sun Smart Marquees

FREE wheels with Sun Smart Marquees

*LIMITED TIME OFFER* FREE Wheels to fit 4.5m and 6m

The Australian sun can be extremely damaging to our skin health all year round.

That is why we have designed our Marquees to offer the best possible Sun Protection with UV Protection test ratings of  99.9 % to 100 % UVR Block and  99 % UVE for Human Protection for all our Marquees



Don’t miss the opportunity to order the best sun protection for your team and receive FREE WHEELS when you order:

  • 6m x 3m Marquee – you get 6 FREE WHEELS
  • 4.5m x3m Marquee – you get get 4 FREE WHEELS




*This Deal is only available on all NEW orders placed before 31 March 2022 and only applies to 4.5m and 6m Marquees. Wheels not suitable for 3m Marquees.
AS 4174:2018 Disclaimer: When shade fabric is used for purposes such as shade structures for human protection, the ultraviolet effectiveness (UVE) may not be an accurate guide to the protection provided and may be less than the measured value due to factors including variations in design, height and size of shade structures, stretching of the fabric, the distance of the fabric from the persons, the direction of sunlight, and the physical location of the persons within the shade structure (e.g. at the edge or at the centre).