Do you know the difference between screen and digital printing?

Screen Printing or Digital Printing

Printing on products, whether it be an outdoor advertisement, a marquee or promotional materials, requires a quality process that will ensure the image can stand up against harsh weather and use. When printing on materials like those used for banners and signs, digital or screen printing is used. Each has its advantages and drawbacks and understanding the difference can help you choose the best option for your next piece.

Screen Printing

As the name suggests, screen printing uses a screen with the design burnt into it to print a design onto another material with ink. The traditional method of printing has been used for over a century and still has its place today. The pros and cons of screen printing are:

Cost effective on High Volumes Complicated and long set up
High quality and professional looking print Minimum quantity orders needed
Long-lasting and durable Can result in a thick finish
Easier to print on larger surfaces Photography and small details don’t show up well
Good for large orders Limited colour options


Digital Printing

A modern invention, digital printing or Direct to Garment printing uses digital designs and machines in a three step process to print a design on your chosen material. Through the use of computers and a heat press, you can get a clear, quality print in no time. The pros and cons of digital printing are:

Great for small or individual orders Can be cheaper to screen print onlarge orders
Offers clear, detailed prints Print area is limited
Designs cannot be felt on the material Machines are specific to each print medium
Easy to customise Harder to maintain PMS colours on some printing machines
Clean printing process
Coulours not as limited


When it comes to banners and outdoor advertising, the most popular option is digital as it offers a clear print that can easily be used for advertising means. With most people only purchasing a small selection of products, digital offers the perfect solution.


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