Get the Most Out of Your Advertising Banners

Capping Off the Message

The relationship between a brand and its consumers is very important and the position of a banner is just as important as its message. Try to imagine a quality, well designed banner that has been poorly installed. Maybe the fabric isn’t hanging nicely or the banner hasn’t been adjusted to fit correctly. You can make sure your banners look great and last with the help of occasional maintenance and correct placement. There is a great range of accessories available to give you the best results.

Different Kinds of Banner Accessories

There are several options available to anchor your banner, whether it is soft or hard ground or even mounted on a wall. Placement of your banner is just as important as the branding itself.  Be sure to select the correct base option, erect and then position your banner in a suitable location.

Here are some accessories available to get the most out of your banners:

Carry Bags

If you’re always in transit or if your banners are frequently used in events, you’ll need to have a bag to carry them around. Durable carry bags come as a standard with all flyng banners and can be purchased separately if required at a later date.

Soft Ground Spikes

These spikes anchor your flying banner to soft ground, whether it be grass, a garden bed or sand. If you’ve got an event outdoors or place your banner outside the shop, soft ground spikes are a simple solution to secure your banner. These spikes are also recommended when you want to tie your banner to a fence or a pole. In this instance we always recommend you tie the spike and erect your banner onto the spike rather than tie your banner directly to the pole.

Wall Mounts

If your event has limited space or if the location allows banners to be hung on the walls, wall mounts are useful accessories. There are two styles available: the vertical wall mount keeping your banner parallel to the wall and the angled wall mount allowing your banner to hang off the wall for increased exposure. Be sure to check there are no obstacles when considering wall mounts.

Hard Surface Bases

So you need to erect your banner on concrete or indoors? Expandasign have an extensive range of base  to accommodate your requirements. With  cross foot bases to heavy steel base plates, car mount stands for sliding under a car tyre and waterbags for extra weight, we have a solution for you. Remember by selecting the appropriate base you can keep your banner stable, upright and level on any surface.

For more advice, contact Australian banner supplier, Expandasign, on 1300 720 058.