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Outdoor advertising is only effective if it is clear and easy to read. For flag banners, it is important to choose products that are lightweight and can “fly” in order to engage with potential leads. However, a “working” flag will also eventually result in wear, reducing its lifespan. The fabric quality of the flag is important and together with the right care, this wear can be reduced and the life of the flag extended.

It can be difficult to define the life of a flag. There are many variables that affect its expected lifespan, including wind strength, rain, pollution, snagging on sharp objects and more. However, to get the most out of your outdoor advertising, it is important to control what you can and there are several factors that reduce the life of a flag that can be prevented or remedied.

The first factor is the time at which a flag is flown. Flags which are flown all the time will naturally deteriorate more than those only flown during daylight hours. As flags cannot be seen at night unless lit up, it is suggested to only use flag banners during the day, usually during working hours. Flags flown for only 8 hours a day can be expected to last up to three times as long as those flown 24 hours a day.

Another problem is wind velocity. In particularly windy periods, it is recommended to take the flags down if possible. If necessary, an older flag can be used during this time to ensure you always have the flag displayed but do not put unnecessary strain on newer flags.

Another option that combats most causes of wear is to rotate flags, with two flags you can swap between on a monthly basis. This gives you time to check the flag and launder and repair if necessary, as well as extending the life of both flags.

It is also important to consider the material used for the flag. Different suppliers use different fabrics. At Expandasign we offer a durable knitted polyester material.

With these tips in mind, your flags should last longer than ever before! For more advice on extending the life of your flag banners or to buy some outdoor advertising products, talk to Expandasign, the experts in banners that sell.

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