Get to Know the Successful Woman in the Expandasign Business

The key to a successful business is a clear and well communicated vision that will continuously grow and add value to a customer base of ‘raving fans’. The success of a business is more than what you put in the bank. More importantly, success should never compromise professionalism, respect, personal well being, family, and responsibility in the community,”

– Ruth Holland

Ruth Holland is among some of the most highly respected businesswomen on the Sunshine Coast. Her strong background in commerce and industry, has positively contributed to the enviable growth in the customer base, quality product and the people that comprise the Expandasign business.

With that said, we’re excited to announce that she has been shortlisted as a finalist for the annual Business Woman of the Year Awards!

Being nominated for these awards is more than just the business you’re in; it’s about who you are, how you find balance in life, how you contribute to the community and what you put into your business.

Living in South Africa, Ruth pursued her 25-year strong career in large corporations in commerce and industry.

As a Chartered Accountant and pioneering businesswoman, Ruth succeeded in Senior Management in the manufacturing world in South Africa where she also mentored females of varied disciplines to progress and succeed in this industry.

The big move to Australia

Ruth and her husband Grant took on the challenge of relocating their family to Australia as an opportunity to create a better future for their family.

They arrived in  Australia on the Sunshine Coast. Weighing up her employment options, Ruth was torn between returning to her comfort zone in the large corporate business or take on the challenge of investing their life savings into a business in a foreign country.

Acquiring the Expandasign business

Ruth’s extensive management experience in large corporations empowered her with practical business and interpersonal skills.

Ruth’s husband, and business partner Grant, has been in the portable signage industry since its inception. With Grant’s technical expertise and industry knowledge, along with Ruth’s professional ability to lead, and innovate, has given their customers the point of difference required to be a leader in the market.

As well as working in business, Ruth participates in her community having served as treasurer and volunteer for various organisations.

However, her most valued role of all is being a wife to Grant, and mother to Nicole and twins Karl and Justin.

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