Marketing Myths | Expandasign Quality Portable Signage

Myth: Marketing is about creating a brand through advertising.

We appreciate that traditional marketing can plant the seeds of a brand however we believe the customer experience creates and builds a brand, more than marketing ever will. While many focus on the “brand” as a logo, slogan or message, the Expandasign “brand” consists of the emotions that customers feel when they think about our product.

Emotions can certainly be triggered by logos, influenced by colours and targeted with specific content but don’t forget, they are easily over-ridden by the customer’s real world experience. That’s how we define OUR brand!

Expandasign customers get far more than quality portable signage and marquees, they experience:

  • Friendly staff and professional advice to help find the best product for the application
  • 15 years if industry experience
  • In-house graphics to provide design and artwork support
  • Excellent after sales service and support

Truth: Advertising can suggest or imply something and certainly plays its role but at Expandasign we realise that the customer’s experience is senior and builds our brand more than advertising ever will.

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