Different Kinds of Banners – Shape, Style, Size

Expandasign is an Australian owned and operated company, supplying banners and signs to consumers all across Australia. With over a decade of experience and a wide range of products, they can help bring your event to life.


There are a wide range of shapes to choose from when it comes to banners and signs. Whether you want something rectangular, circular, or something a little different, Expandasign can help. If your logo is circular, consider one of their pop up signs in a disc shape. Or if it is more angular, a boulevard banner or pull up banner may be more suitable.


Expandasign offer a wide range of styles for their banners and signs and marquees to suit many different applications. Some of these include sail banners, pop up banners, hanging banners, shade marquees and boulevard banners. If you are planning an event outside, sail banners are great as they can be placed along pathways and are easy to see. If you have an exhibition in a hall, you may prefer hanging banners or pop up banners. Shade marquees are perfect for outdoor events and are a great investment as they can advertise your company at every event you attend or host.


Many of Expandasign’s banners and signs come in different sizes to suit your needs and budget. The majority of their signs are available in small, medium and large. Depending on the size, you may also need a particular base. One of Expandasign’s friendly representatives can help you choose the right accessories for your banner or sign. For more information or to purchase one of the products mentioned, visit Expandasign online. Alternatively, you can call them on 1300 720 058 today to speak to one of their friendly representatives.