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Advertising at an event has become an incredibly profitable business. Banners and signs are increasingly being used in the lead up and day of an event to increase brand awareness, allow sponsors to advertise their products and services without interfering and as directions to a particular area. One new type of banner many are now turning to is pop up marqueesand pop up banners.

What are they?

Pop up banners are round or square banners with an image or phrase that utilise an a-frame to “pop up” on the ground. They can be set up in a simple two step folding action and put away similarly. A pop up marquee is a portable marquee that can be put up in less than a minute, saving you time in setting up your event like our easy up pop up banner range . Made from solid aluminium with a polyester shade roof, they can feature logos and slogans and come in a wide range of colours.

How can they help?

A pop up banner or pop up marquee is useful for a number of reasons. This includes its ability to deliver great advertising exposure, its use as a professional projection of your company or sponsor and that it doubles as a shade as well as an advertising tool. There are many things that help to contribute to a successful event that stands out from the rest. While money is a big factor, purchasing an item like a pop up marquee can be a great way to improve your event without spending an excessive amount of money. They are also reusable and a more interesting way of advertising that will leave a longer lasting impression on attendees.

If you are looking for banners and signs, one company offering pop up banners and pop up marquees is Australian supplier, Expandasign. They have a wide variety of colours, shapes and designs to help make your next event shine. Visit them online for more information.