Expandasign were at the Retail Expo, Sydney 2012 | Expandasign

The Sydney Retail Expo 2012 showcased the latest products, retail and brands equipment. The expo had over 60 exhibiting companies who demonstrated their entire range of products and services for the retail industry.

Retail Expo 2012 theme and speakers

The theme of this year’s Retail Expo was “Analyse, Innovate and Implement” in the current retail climate which was addressed by some of the authorities store designers, social media expert and retail analysis experts in Australia.

The expo aimed to recognise the effects of the rising usage of smart devises and third-party mobile applications, improved infrastructure of the current telecommunications technology and the increasing effects of social networks on the retail industry. Australia’s high technology adoption rate has shown an increase in mobile internet access by 45 per cent since 2012. The industry is exposed to remarkable levels of competition according to numerous reports where traditional retail stores are reporting a decline in their sales.

The 2012 Retail Expo is now looking to convert the online traffic into foot traffic to traditional retail stores by providing retail innovation. In-store innovation is very important in converting the consumer online traffic from the internet into real live walking traffic towards physical bricks-and-mortar stores. Innovation has become an important topic for businesses to maintain its growth and success.

Jim Papas kick started the conference by providing his insights into innovation in the retail industry. Jim demonstrated how he was able to successfully implement and develop a cutting-edge retail solution to alleviate a lot of problems faced by retailers. The retail solution has yielded an ability to create a repeatable personalised engaging buying experience which creates brand recognition, develop and improve customer loyalty, as well as significantly increases sales.

Retail Expo 2012 Exhibitioners

There are an incredible number of innovative products and services to promote real life traffic to retail stores. An example of this is a holographic greeter which showcases a retail store’s various products. The holographic greet can be customised to wear the promotional shirt of the store or incorporate their logo on the greeter’s shirt.

Another innovative showcase is the latest interactive touch screens. These touch screens engage the customer to learn more about a store’s products. The touch screens also incorporates the latest in 3D “glass less” technology, sun light readable LCD’s and projection films.

Expandasign also showcased their traditional yet innovative banners including their teardrop banner. The teardrop banner provides a traditional flying flag style banner while incorporating an eye catching design. They also showcased other products like their shade marquees which are incredibly easy to setup and disassemble for any market retailers.

This year’s Retail Expo 2012 has provided a fighting chance for retailers to gain back their profits from online stores through various companies traditional and cutting-edge methods.