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The Marquee Banner Clamp securely attaches flying banners securely to your marquee for more exposure!


It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd at events.
The Expandasign Heavy Duty Printed Marquees offer a very large advertising area for showcasing your brand, and now you can effortlessly connect a flying banner to the corner of your marquee with our NEW Marquee Banner Clamp from Expandasign.

The Marquee Banner Clamp allows you to easily secure flying banners to your marquee to add height to your display and together with the movement of the banner your brand will get even more exposure. You won’t be missed!

The Banner Clamp is supplied with either the Upright/Vertical, or Angled Wall Mount for full functionality.


  • Quick and Easy to attach
  • Epoxy Painted Heavy duty steel
  • Rubber pad for protection and grip
  • Banner can move easily in the wind
  • Can be fitted to any height on the marquee leg
  • Recommended for small and medium size banners
  • Suitable for use for all Marquees in our Range


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