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The Marquee Connector Strap is designed to securely connect two or more Large (4.5m or 6m) Marquees together to provide an even larger covered area.


The Marquee Connector Straps allow you to maximise the use of your marquee for many different applications, events and shade solutions and is just what you need when looking to join two or more marquees together to create a larger shade cover area.

The Marquee Connector Straps from Expandasign allow you to easily join your marquees to cater for the larger crowds.


  • Marquee Connector Straps will effortlessly connect your marquees
  • Quick and Easy to attach with Velcro Straps
  • One strap required for each set of joining legs to be connected
  • Suitable for use on all Marquees in our Range
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with Marquee Gutter to stop rain leaking between marquees


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